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Metal Badge and Button

Metal Badge and Button is an International supplier and manufacturer of medals, badges and trophies.

Metal Badge and Button is ideal when looking for

A Metal Badge is a gadget that usually contains the insignia of an organization (a perfect example of such an organization would be the police force), which is presented to indicate some form of service, a special accomplishment, a symbol of authority, a sign of legitimate employment or student status or a means of identification. If you are an individual or represent an organization who would like to make use of metal badges, click here for quality custom or standard metal badges.

In the middle ages metal badge were used as jewellery and varied between the very expensive jewellery such as the Dunstable Swan Jewel to simple moulded metal badges in lead or other base metals. Specialized forms of metal badges in those early years included:

  • The Pilgrimage Badge – worn on the completion of a pilgrimage.
  • Heraldic or Livery Badges – worn to denote service to a political figure.
  • Funerary Badges – was presented to mourners for the funeral of important refugees.

Various badges of service evolved and were worn by officials, soldiers and servants.

Today, the most infamous badge is that of the star-shaped US Sheriff’s badge. In the United States these badges are commonly used by law enforcement, fire and security guards.

Different types of metal badges include

Badges of shame - typically a distinctive symbol required to be worn by a specific group or an individual for the purpose of public humiliation.

Campaign Buttons are used for political advertising for or against a political candidate or party.

Heraldic Badges - are emblems or personal devices worn as badges to indicate allegiance to or the property of an individual or family.

Insignia - a symbol or token of personal power, status or office, or of an official body of government or jurisdiction. An insignia is usually the emblem of a specific or general authority.

Lapel Pin - are frequently used as symbols of achievement in different organizations.

Military / Army Badges - signify rating, qualification, or accomplishment in several career fields, and also serve as identification devices for personnel occupying certain assignments.

A Name Tag - is a badge worn on the outermost clothing as a means of displaying the wearer's name for others to see.

Nursing Pin - worn by nurses to identify the nursing school from which they graduated.

Police Memorabilia Collecting - is a hobby involving the collection and trading of law enforcement related patches or badges.

Metal Badge and Button strive for perfection to provide quality metal badges to organizations all over the world and is the proud and official medal supplier of Le Tour de France.

Promotional Gifts / Items: items that are branded with a company logo used for marketing purposes. If you are looking for either standard or custom made promotional items, click here.

Trophies are awards / rewards for achieving some goal, usually given at sports events but can also be used as awards for school achievements, hunting and more. Find standard, custom and even crystal trophies, click here.

This page was written by Intoweb for Metal Badge and Button as part of their website marketing strategy. Please contact Metal Badge and Button for any queries regarding their products and services.




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